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Daily Feature

I’m Will

I'm Will [Kindle Edition]

In his parents’ minds, Will was an underachiever. So they decided he should go to an expensive private high school that they couldn’t really afford. They assumed smaller classes and an ostentatious campus would help him overcome his enduring indifference to growing up. Will watched as his father wrote some great essays for his applications. Still he only got into … Continue reading

IHB Contributor Writes

Endure the Journey! Three Hardcore Lessons for Authors

Author Deborah L. Parker

  Deciding to and becoming an author are not easy tasks. They are not journeys for the faint of heart or as my grandmother would say, it’s more than a notion.” Courage is the order of the work ahead. Personal and exhausting, whether your writing is fiction or non-fiction, a part of yourself is deeply intertwined with the feat of … Continue reading

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