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The Warrior

The Warrior [Kindle Edition]

A man with no past. Nobody knows much about Zeb Carter. He doesn’t do romance, avoids friendships… and when asked about his work, says he is a security consultant. A man on a mission. The ex-Special Forces operative has seen it all before. But when he witnesses barbaric acts in the Congo, he can’t simply walk away. Plagued by the … Continue reading

IHB Contributor Writes

Author Interview with Carrie Cross

Author Interview with Carrie Cross

This week, we interviewed Carrie Cross, an amazing author of the middle-school-age mystery series, Skylar Robbins. Carrie discovered her love of mysteries reading Nancy Drew books and The Happy Hollisters series, and after writing The Mystery of Shadow Hills, she continues to look for clues in unexpected places to this day.   Give us the first five facts (about you) … Continue reading

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