A Widow in Waiting

Posted on: September 11th, 2014 by David M.
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By Anne B. Walsh

Who killed Alfred de Maine, Lord Farnton? Highwaymen on the backroads of Ireland, as his pretty widow Eleanor claims? One of the traveling folk camped near the tiny village of Glenscar, where Eleanor fled in fear that day? A resident of Glenscar itself, trying to protect the village’s hidden power? Or did John Marlowe, the horse-breeder son of Glenscar’s squire, kill the lord to win the lady?

Eleanor knows the truth, but she also knows the value of a secret. Her own greatest desire, to marry John as soon as her six months of mourning are over, will be obtainable only so long as it remains unknown. Along the way, she must master her magic of moving, untangle her new friends’ romantic complications, and use heart and head in tandem to decide which stories to believe.

Will love and patience win the day, and Eleanor join hands with John at last? Or will she remain, forever, a Widow in Waiting?

Welcome to a world where magic lives in the quiet moments of the everyday, and where rich and poor, settled and wanderers, might have more in common than they dream. Welcome to the Chronicles of Glenscar.

What the Reviewers Are Saying

“As my title says, this book is an unstoppable force of literature. The characters are original and well-rounded, the plot is complex with unexpected turns and there are very few sections which do not serve some purpose later on in the story (fillers).” –Genenieve


“Yes, I am hooked on the Chronicles of Glenscar and wait to see how Sean and Noreen’s journey will continue. The author has moved into my reading life, and I am waiting for more of her works.” –KMT


“Everything I look for in a book – a clever story, superb antagonists, mystery, familial love, true love, real characters, and that something extra which turns a good book into a great one. Something in it for everyone!” –Kerry Wilson


About the Author

Anne B. Walsh has been telling stories from the time she could talk, but it took her twenty years to realize she could try to make a living at it. She writes character-driven fantasy and soft sci-fi with a balance of male and female leads, featuring family, friendship, and making the right decisions (along with music, good food, and terrible puns).

Anne lives east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with her roommate Krystal and their black Labs Buddy and Brando.


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