Chasing Sunlight


Chasing Sunlight

By Bart Hopkins Jr


Burke Dennison is a contemporary Quixote, tilting against personal demons and searching for truth in his own way. He is a man who does not always see things the way that others do, and that is both his curse and his story.



What the Reviewers are Saying


“A solid book with moments of brilliance. Gives you a lot to think about on top of a great story. Two thumbs up!”


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“A great mixture of real life dilemnas, human nature and southern Texas family virtues pulsate through this gulf coast story.”


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“The author writes with a unique, engaging style and powerful prose – easy to sink into, but very thought provoking. It’s a great read and really leaves you thinking.”


About the Author



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Bart Hopkins

Bart Hopkins Jr. loves the great outdoors, especially the mountains and hiking and climbing. Was a surfer until his forties when a combination of things teamed up to keep him out of the water. Rides the motorcycle every once in a while. Has an avid interest in linguistics and all brain and mind topics. Likes the chess struggle. Blessed to have 2 wonderful grown children and 3 grandchildren.


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