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Conner Fantasy eBook

By Miranda Stork


Erin is a young psychologist with no time for anything but her work, and unable to remember anything about her past. She leads an uneventful life, but a lonely one, in which she secretly wishes for a soulmate… Conner is an unusual patient who approaches her, thrusting her into a strange world of darkness that runs beneath our own. He believes himself to be a creature of legend-a werewolf. But he also draws Erin with a roguish charm, and an irresistible feeling that seems to bind them together… Conner desperately tries to save her from an unknown evil that persues her with a relentless passion that crosses centuries, an evil that once took her very soul away, somewhere in Erin’s lost memories. As she becomes more entwined in a series of events that will remind her of who she really is, will she make it away from the oncoming darkness unscathed…? “In Connor, we meet Dr. Erin Miller -a professor who specialises in Mental Illnesses and more specifically Schizophrenia. When an old colleague who owns his own private practice arrives asking for her help , Erin has second thoughts but when she discovers that he believes he is in fact a werewolf that has lived for over 2000 years and asking specifically for her , she is intrigued. Erin decides to meet Connor and reads his file, soon she is drawn into his world and to her surprise discovers that Werewolves are in fact – well REAL. Erin herself though since connecting to Connor , has been having nightmares -ones that feel almost like memories but she can’t have experienced what she’s dreaming or has she ? We discover that Erin cannot remember much that happened prior to becoming in her early 20’s in the Human world and soon we are drawn into a world of werewolves and memories and where Erin may not be exactly human ? A fast paced novel that keeps readers entertained and has not only Werewolf storylines but also pyschiatry sprinkled throughout.” 4/5 Stars, Paula Philips, The Phantom Photographer Blog, May 2012


About the Author

Image of Miranda Stork Fantasy Author

I was born in Guisborough, North Yorkshire in 1987 and have lived in various places around Britain, including Newcastle and Glasgow. My writing is inspired by various writers, including the vivid characters of Charles Dickens, the imagination of Stephen King, and the gothic imagery of Anne Rice. My love of horror began at an early age, when I was only three or four. I could read proficiently at the age of three, and devoured fairy-stories, but I always had a bent towards the darker stories, such as the Brother’s Grimm’s tales…Red Riding Hood was always a firm favourite, although I always felt sorry for the wolf, despite him having tried to eat everyone! I also had an incredibly vivid imagination, leading me to believe that the noises that the radiator in my room made, were in fact the noises of monsters hiding behind it. This led to me having terrible nightmares, in which I believed I woke up and would see them sat in my room, doing nothing more extrodinary than playing cards or reading a book. As I got older, my love of tales about unknown creatures persisted, always wanting to devour tales about ghosts or other beings. Being born in Guisborough was also a coincidence, as it is a town rich in folklore and ghosts in various places, such as the Black Monk of Guisborough Priory…whether or not any of these stories were true, I still don’t know, but I love the tingle of imagining whther or not they might be. As I began school, I began to read more books, and became enraptured with the tales of ancient Greece and Rome, loving the explanations for simple things around us turned into figures and gods. To this day, I still have an avid love of ancient customs, and I have especially fallen in love with Celtic symbolism and myths, winding them into my novels whenever possible.

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