Everdark Realms

Posted on: October 14th, 2014 by David M.
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By Mitchell Tierney, Sabrina RG Raven, Ella Hazelwood

All was peaceful on the isle of Amitav. The Everdark Alignment, an event marked by the passing of the Everdark comet occurs every 60 years. This cosmic event illuminates a new leader in the land of Amitav.

However, this sacred ritual is tested as darker forces take over and leads Amitav in war. Six children must break tradition to stop this dark force from destroying the ancient ritual and subsequently, Amitav. The burden and the future of the Amitav rest in these children…can they overcome their own challenges and bring peace to the land, or will they succumb to their own fears and allow darkness and war to descend on Amitav?


What the Reviewers Are Saying

“An excellent first book in the series; read it in three days! Really looking forward to reading book two later this year.” –Michael Vaughan


“Interesting storyline that kept me enthalled until the end.” –Robyn Kruger


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