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Posted on: December 16th, 2013 by David M.
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Tracee Ford

Author: Tracee Ford

Below you will find an excerpt from my very first novel being published by www.booklocker.com. I am a paranormal romance writer, but I don’t write about vampires or werewolves. I write about ghosts and demons, but I add some romance to it. Yes, I know, hard to understand, but once your read the excerpt I know you’ll want to read the book to find out just exactly how I put all of those components together!


This excerpt is taken from The Fine Line, due to be released in the middle of January.  The book is set in Southwestern Ohio and follows the romance of Matthew Gregory and Robin Hillard. Their dreams of owning a historic, majestic home comes true, but not without a price.  They discover that Pikeview Manor has an extensive history dating back to the first owners in the late 1800’s.  They also discover that they aren’t alone in the house.  So, enjoy the excerpt below.  It’s just a taste of some of the amazing scenes in the book.

The day wore on. Troubled by the conversation with her husband, Robin knew staying busy was her best option for keeping her mind off of things. So she continued with her laundry chores. Standing in the basement at the long table with towels scattered about, she listened to the music playing on her phone. Suddenly, the music faded out and then stopped. She grabbed the device and shook it. “Damn,” she whispered. She assumed the battery went dead.

Quickly, the room temperature dropped and the hair on her arms and neck stood up as the goose bumps peppered her skin. The fog from her lungs expelled from her mouth. She realized she was seeing her breath. An invisible strength wrapped around her neck unexpectedly and the gasps for air were futile. Terrified, she clutched her throat trying to remove whatever was choking her. Coughing and panting, the tears began falling down her face. Her feet felt as if they were lifting from the ground and the grip around her neck worsened. Unable to scream or even speak, she realized the urgency of the moment.

Finally, she felt the release and bent over the table trying desperately to catch her breath. When her ability to speak returned, she screamed for Matt and heard him running through the house. The basement door swung open so hard it shook the drywall at the top of the stairs. He thundered toward her as she continued resting her elbows and torso on the laundry table.

“Robin!” he shouted.

She still struggled to breathe. “I felt like I was being hung.”


“Yes. My music on my phone completely stopped and the next thing I knew the room got cold. I felt like something was hanging me. I felt my feet lift off of the ground,” she cried.

She stood up and dropped into Matt’s chest, sobbing uncontrollably.

“I’m here now,” he said softly as he caressed her hair. “It’s okay. I’m here.”

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About the Author

I write paranormal romance, romantic suspense, and crime novels. When I am not writing, reading, or completing her supervisory duties for a local child protection agency, I enjoy watching television with my son, participating in the local Zumba class, and spending time with friends and family.

I live in rural Ohio with my husband and son. I love traveling with them and find that I feel most at-home near the ocean. Although I love the forests in Southern Ohio, I hope to end up in a warmer part of the United States one day sitting on a beach with a laptop continuing to write my fictional stories.

I have been writing since the age of 16. My early works include poetry and nonfiction. My nonfictional work focused on areas of study as an undergraduate in social sciences and psychology. I completed more nonfictional research while completing my master’s degree in forensic psychology through The University of North Dakota. I have also written plays and scripts for puppet shows for communities in the area.

My goal is to open up my audience’s imagination allowing readers to escape into fictional worlds filled with romance and the wonders of the paranormal. I would love to hear from you. You can view my website to purchase my new novel, The Fine Line. Find me online by doing a Google search.  Follow my blog and visit my website to find out the latest information on how to order my book.

The Fine Line

By Tracee Ford