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How do I submit my book to your site?

It’s easy, just go to the Author’s Corner and read the descriptions for the listings we have available and follow the instructions listed on the page.  If you have any problems submitting your, please let us know.

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What is the difference between “indie” books” and “self-published” books?

The term self-published means the author writes the book, as well as distributes the book This used to be known as “vanity” publishing. The term “indie” publishing means a book that has been published by a small independent company, other than the “Big Six” publishing companies in New York. Recently, the two terms have become almost interchangeable because indie authors are now referring to themselves as “self-published”.

Why does Indie House Books promote indie authors?

We feel that indie authors get less exposure than mainstream authors whose books are promoted by the big publishing companies. Indie books are generally just as good, if not better than the books being promoted by the big guys. We feel that indie authors deserve every opportunity to get their work noticed by readers who love to read.  Our mission is to provide that opportunity to indie authors while enlightening readers  to their existence.

Do you charge for the service you provide?

We do charge a small fee for advertising on our site, mostly just to help with administrative cost for site maintenance, and staff time.  We do provide a free service to authors for free Kindle promotions. We strive to make the cost as low as possible, while still being able to keep up with the cost we incur.  Please visit the Author’s Corner for more information on cost and packages available.  Visit our Featured Free ebook page for more information on the free Kindle promotions (scroll down the page to see the information).  If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at staff@indiehousebooks.com.

If I have a question, but it’s not listed here. What do I do?

We at Indie House Books want both the readers and authors to feel at home at our site and if you have questions that we have not answered, please feel free to ask.  You never know, someone else may have the same question also.  You can submit your questions below.

How do I leave a Suggestion ?

To leave a suggestion you can enter it in the box below.
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I have a free Kindle promotion coming up can I have my ebook posted to your site?

Yes, we are happy to help indie authors promote their free Kindle ebooks.  Please send us an email to staff@indiehousebooks.com with the date of the promotion, Title, Author, Genre, and cover image, and we will post your ebook to our Featured Free ebook page.  Please give us seven days advance notice.

NOTE: We strive to be a family friendly site and for this reason we will not post erotic or pornographic material.