Good Sister, Bad Sister (Heart of the Staff Book 1)

Posted on: August 21st, 2014 by Carol Marrs Phipps
Assigned categories: Fantasy

By Carol Marrs Phipps & Tom Phipps

Minuet Dewin, eldest daughter of the wizard Razzmorten, practically raised her half sister Leeuh, who was abandoned by her mother. For many years, Minuet is Leeuh’s passionate champion. As time passes, Leeuh becomes increasingly hard to defend as she grows determined to be awful at every turn. Whilst undoing her dangerous pranks, Minuet finds herself the target of her hatred and jealousy. And when they fall for the same prince, it looks like war.

Suddenly Leeuh vanishes. She returns years later, compliant and sweet as she always should have been. Minuet is stunned. Should she trust her, or will it be the very death of her?


What the Reviewers Are Saying

“The Phipps manage a plethora of subplots and characters without any of them getting lost in the shuffle. They handle leaps through time and space with the same deft grace.” –Debra K. Luke


“This book is an excellent first book of a series and I can highly recommend to anyone who enjoys reading fantasy and enjoys the magic world of a fairy-tale kingdom.” –R P Rochford


“GOOD SISTER BAD SISTER, the first in the epic series of THE HEART OF THE STAFF, is a wonderful fantasy tale, weaving a complicated, exciting web of intrigue, where good battles evil.” –Jenny


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