Hannah’s Blessing

Posted on: March 6th, 2014 by David M.
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By Collette Scott


Following her husband’s scandalous death, a devastated Diana Somerset makes a promise at his funeral to never trust so easily again. However, she was not prepared to meet his enigmatic step-brother, Devlan Doyle. He was a man accustomed to getting whatever he wanted, and he wanted Diana. Not only was Diana’s child his heiress, but her stubborn pride and disinterest intrigues him. Following a near-tragic accident that forces them together, Devlan sets out to conquer her distrust. Whisked away on a fairytale of a lifetime, Diana and Hannah discover that they are not immune to his charms. But is his determination alone strong enough to win their trust and love, or will he lose the two people he has grown to care for the most?


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The story is very heartwarming and easy to read. ”Callout  |  22 reviewers made a similar statement


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I am now on my third book from this author and can’t wait to read more. ”Nowabookreader  |  11 reviewers made a similar statement


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