In Another Life

Posted on: September 24th, 2013 by David M.
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By WD James


Police Detective Roger Mackay’s decision to make a sandwich for lunch leads to an infatuation with a woman he saw reflected in a deli case. In Mackay’s own words, his quest for an epic sandwich leads to an adventure with this woman that leaves him questioning coincidence, time and ultimately, whether he can change what was and will be.

Mackay’s story blends police work, a relationship and murdered friends with a chance for a new beginning or a dead end in the story of his life. Can Mackay change what should happen or is it even possible to change the path a person takes in life?

Roger Mackay invites the reader along as he is forced to make choices that could mean life or death in a world he knows too well and not at all, In Another Life.


About the Author


Author W. D. James

W. D. James

The author, W. D. James, grew up in the backyard slag piles made famous by Harry Chapin but missed out on the bananas by a couple of years, a fact that haunts him to this day. James was educated in public schools and attended Mansfield University but escaped, mere credits short of alumni status, thereby avoiding daily requests for donations, a move that saved hundreds of otherwise-condemned trees from the paper mill. While at Mansfield, James edited the school newspaper and was a voice of mellow relaxation on the campus radio station. Listeners, both of them, said he was “a DJ, I think. Right?” James worked in many jobs, from dishwasher to vice president of a dysfunctional supply company to his current position as professional mediator, social worker, confidant and general target of the public’s anger, aka: a police officer. James resides with his wife, Margie and daughters Miranda and Sunshine (Margie is a proud hippie- guess who named the child). A black lab, Damnit, rounds out the family. While the James family lives in a dachau on the river Dungh, James can often be found taking the occasional sanity break in the great Pacific Northwest and attending painful reunions in the not-so-great northeast. James prefers not to write his own biographies but begrudgingly offered this copy when warned by his editor that no royalties would be paid without a completed book. With that bit of knowledge, copy was quickly produced. James is currently working on a sequel to “In Another Life,” to be released after Damnit learns not to eat flash drives and power cords and the vet retrieves chapters six to twelve from the latest stool sample. It may be a while.

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