In the Blood

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By Steve Robinson


 IN THE BLOOD: A Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Crime Mystery #1. 110,000 words.
A dark secret locked in the past.  A family historian trying against the odds to unlock it. One of Amazon UK’s ‘Best Books of 2011′.  A ‘Kindle Customer Favourite’ with over 400 five-star reviews worldwide. DESCRIPTION Family history was never supposed to be like this… When American genealogist, Jefferson Tayte, accepted his latest assignment he had no idea it might kill him. But while murder was never part of the curriculum he is kidding himself if he thinks he can walk away from this one. Why can’t I trace them?  What happened to them?

Driven by the irony of being a genealogist who doesn’t know who his own parents are, Tayte soon finds that the assignment shares a stark similarity to his own struggle. Someone has gone to great lengths to erase an entire family bloodline from recorded history and he’s not going home until he’s found out why. After all, if he’s not good enough to find this family, how can he ever expect to be good enough to someday find his own?

Set in Cornwall, England, past and present, Tayte’s research centres around the tragic life of a young Cornish girl, a writing box, and the discovery of a dark family secret that he believes will lead him to the family he is looking for. Trouble is, someone else is looking for the same answers and they will stop at nothing to find them.

What the Reviewers are Saying


For anyone interested in genealogy and loving a mystery this is a very good book. ”Vicki Moran  |  223 reviewers made a similar statement


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Sadly I have just finished reading this book. ”Bre  |  113 reviewers made a similar statement


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I felt like I really got to know the characters and was totally caught up in the story as if I was part of what was happening. ”Matt  |  35 reviewers made a similar statement


About the Author


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Steve Robinson

Out now – The Last Queen of England: A Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Crime Mystery No.3. A centuries-old royal conspiracy. The ultimate heir hunt. See author’s website for details. Steve Robinson was born in coastal Kent, UK, and now lives near London on the Essex/Hertfordshire border. His passion for writing began at the age of sixteen when he was first published in a computer adventure magazine and he has been writing by way of a creative hobby ever since. When a career in software and telecommunications ended in redundancy, he began to write full time. In the Blood, his debut novel, was the result. I write for the mystery/thriller genre with a family history angle, having become interested in genealogy as a means to tell the story of ‘In the Blood’ and perhaps because at the time I had no idea who my own maternal grandfather was – which is something that has always intrigued me.… Read more

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