Living Through Grief: Love Revealed

Posted on: October 9th, 2014 by David M.
Assigned categories: Non-Fiction

Dena Clayton & Others

If you enjoy being inspired and captivated by reading stories from real life, you will be charmed by this book. Seventeen authors share from the picturesque happenings of their own lives. It is the 3rd in the Love Revealed series.

When the subject of grief arises, people can feel uncomfortable. It is largely considered to be a taboo subject in our society. Living Through Grief: Love Revealed challenges ideas and reactions about loss and bereavement. Readers witness a wide scope of life circumstances and emotional expression. On the journey through the depths of wrenching loss and the heights of spiritual awakening, love is revealed.


What the Reviewers Are Saying

“I found the book to be profound, especially when taking all of the stories together. I highly recommend this book for people who want to prepare for grief, are grieving or would like a tool for reflection for past grieving.” –Linda Rae Mays


“It was a beautifully written and very well edited book, and I intend to read it again soon as I navigate and reflect over the next few months.” –A. M. Kraus


“The memories were deeply touching stories of relationships that revealed the infinite depth and beauty of the human heart. The topic of this book may be grief but it is a sweet depiction of endless love.” –KBeing


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