Maid for Mayhem

Posted on: June 25th, 2013 by David M.
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Maid for Mayhem (A Gretchen Gallen Mystery "Maid for Murder Series")

By Bridget Allison


Gretchen Gallen is a young financial wizard and a rising star in Charlotte’s business scene. But through a traumatic event, Gretchen soon finds herself tossed from the corporate ladder and into an adjoining wealthy rural enclave through her connections in a wildlife organization. There she takes up residence in the guest house of Leslie, an elderly widow who is losing her vision. When Leslie unexpectedly dies, suddenly Gretchen finds new friendships with hilarious women, interesting beaus, and a true calling in crime scene cleanup. But business is a little too good once a serial killer begins to drop in on the locals and Gretchen’s retired cadaver dog begins to sniff out something a bit too close to home. It doesn’t take long before Gretchen realizes the killer has a type; and she fits his profile perfectly.



About the Author


Author Bridget Allison

Bridget Allison

Bridget Allison was born in North Carolina, the seventh of eight children, all voracious readers and Irish storytellers. She has degrees in English Literature and Psychology. After winning local poetry contests during high school and college, she began to write only for herself, worked for Ernst & Young, became a wildlife rehabilitator and learned to fly a Piper Cherokee. Her greatest accomplishments are beating back teen alcoholism without a relapse and overcoming childhood sexual abuse (picking her abuser out of a police lineup at the age of five was…memorable). She enjoys talking about murder plots from a puzzle aspect with her children, which frequently horrifies those within earshot. Her first book in her series is “Maid for Mayhem,” and “Maid in the Shade” is near completion. Her current favorite authors are John Irving, David Sedaris, Pat Conroy, Janet Evanovich and Elizabeth Berg. She posts anecdotes about her day, and after being frequently asked why she doesn’t write books, she did. She is married to her high school sweetheart Doug, and lives in Weddington, NC. She has two children, Chelsea, Duke 2010 who won prizes there for creative writing and Grayson, a Management College honors student at NCSU.


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