The Eldridge Conspiracy [Kindle Edition]

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The Eldridge Conspiracy

By Stephen Ames Berry

1943: The destroyer USS Eldridge vanishes during the Philadelphia Experiment. The ship invisibility project ends.

Nuremberg, 1946: Nazi death camp doctor Martin von Kemnitz is hanged.

The Pentagon, 1999: A dying hand gifts Angie Milano and Jim Munroe with the deadly legacy that is the Eldridge Roster, the long-lost crew list of the Philadelphia Experiment. The two are soon on the run from the vicious killers sent for the roster. Without it, Project Telemachus, perversion of a wondrous meld of genetics and physics, will fail. And mankind may survive.


What the Reviewers are Saying

“An excellent read and you wont be able to put it down.”

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“Absolutely LOVED this book and could NOT put it down!’

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“What starts out as a excellent technothriller becomes an outstanding SciFi.”


About the Author

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Stephen Ames Berry is the author of four science fiction novels first published by Ace/Berkley and Tor/Macmillan, and of The Eldridge Conspiracy, a tale spun from his time at the Pentagon and the legend of the Navy’s World War II ship invisibility project, the Philadelphia Experiment. He’s now writing his sixth novel. A magna cum laude graduate of Boston University, Berry has a master’s in information systems and was a systems analyst and data architect at the Pentagon and Harvard University. He’s a veteran of the U.S. Army Security Agency, which sponsored his three-year stint in Tokyo. A slave to a pride of entitled cats, Berry lives in Florida, where teaches in a program for wayward youth.


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