The Killers in Gilbourne County

Posted on: August 13th, 2013 by Michael E. Newell
Assigned categories: Adventure


The Killers in Gilbourne County [Kindle Edition Adventure Novel

by Michael E. Newell

“The Killers In Gilbourne County” features Mitchell Granger, a man with a passion for growing his general contracting business and hunting Whitetail deer in north central Oklahoma.

The outset of the new hunting season brings anticipation of stirring adventures, success afield, and comradeship with his hunting partner, Craig Huntsman. However, stumbling over a dead body in the woods puts an eerie and perilous spin on ordeals yet to come.

Granger’s newfound romance and the near death of his hunting partner, spurs the protagonist to uncover the truth and put things right. As the details unfold, protecting the lives of the people he loves and exposing countywide corruption proves more dangerous than the beast in the woods trying to kill him.