The Last Roman (The Praetorian Series)

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By Edward Crichton


As war consumes the nations of our world, life for Navy SEAL Jacob Hunter is about to change forever. The world around him is spiraling towards oblivion, mutually assured destruction all but an inevitable reality. His participation in this conflict consumes him, threatening to destroy him before his fate is truly met by the errant path of a stray bullet. But when an offer from a heavily militarized Vatican City reaches Hunter in the year 2021, after years of fighting and constant warfare, he senses an opportunity to find purpose in a time when such an ideal’s very existence is threatened.

The decision does not come easily, but Hunter accepts, temporarily leaving his SEAL Team for a two year tour with the Pope’s own Swiss Guard, where he is assigned to a newly established detachment known as Praetorians. Comprised of elite international operators – both new friends and old, and one who is particularly more alluring and mysterious than the rest – it is with this new Special Forces outfit that Hunter embarks on a mission to Syria that may alter the course of world history.

By rewriting it.

As their mission to eliminate a terrorist cell unravels around them, they discover an object that defies what is expected of the universe, a device that belies its laws and befuddles the team. But Hunter is drawn to it, bewildered by its uniqueness, and unable to control his urge to take it.

Succumbing to the object’s draw, he touches it.

In a flash of brilliant light, Hunter is no longer in Syria – but Ancient Rome. He stands dumbfounded, unable to comprehend the paradox he and his team now find themselves in, but reality, as unreal as it may seem, begins to overcome his disbelief. The fact that they should not be there becomes obvious almost immediately, as does the thought that with every breath they take, they threaten to unravel everything history has worked so hard to achieve.

Staying alive suddenly becomes a secondary objective, superseded by the theory that their mere presence in Ancient Rome has caused irreparable damage to the timeline. But this won’t be an easy task for Hunter and his friends, as he encounters numerous Roman figures straight from his old history books, each with their own agendas and schemes. History is at risk of being rewritten, and they must walk a fine line to find their way home while leaving the past intact.


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Excellent Read!, February 24, 2013
By Linda


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Good time travel/historical book, December 28, 2012


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A Quick and Fun Read, Keeps You Turning Pages, December 4, 2012


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Edward Crichton


Edward Crichton, a native Clevelander, lives in Chicago, Illinois with his wife, where he spends his time coming to grips with his new found sports allegiances. A long time enthusiast of Science Fiction, Fantasy, History and everything in between, he spends his time reading, writing, and demanding his wife allow him to buy a cat. He is currently working on book III in his ongoing Praetorian Series and is hard at work on his new Sci-Fi epic: Starfarer: Rendezvous with Destiny – due out in February of 2013.


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