The Stolen: Two Short Stories

Posted on: March 13th, 2013 by Michelle Browne
Assigned categories: Scifi
The Stolen: Two Short Stories [Kindle Edition]

By Michelle Browne


“After a few hours, the sun had risen too high for us to continue, and they dragged us back to the bus. We had only cleared a small corner of field, from the looks of it, and the guards made their displeasure clear with still, cold body language and a few strokes of their Sholbans on the ones who’d collapsed. Clever, I thought, to save us the smell of singed hair and sight of seizures until we were on the bus, and unable to look away from them. They said little to us, though, just striking the ones who’d collapsed, and after, the ones who wept.”–The Fields

“She tapped her display to bring up the TorYoBiKo. It opened in front of her, the virtual leather binding parting smoothly, the haptic software providing the sensation of silky parchment. On the title page inside, luscious black type spelled out the name in elegantly serif-free capitals. TorYoBiKo: Manual For a Better World.
Man, thought Sarah, a good wank would be better, but ‘indulgent self love’ in the office would get me wearing the sign for weeks.” –WordThieves

What crimes are committed in the name of peace, control, and harmony? Clarice and Sarah are about to find out.