The Zyne Project

Posted on: December 31st, 2013 by David M.
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The Zyne Project [Kindle Edition]

By Sara Brooke


Be prepared to take a journey into the pits of hell, courtesy of the Zyne Corporation.
Six people agree to participate in a first-of-its-kind clinical trial. They’re ready to change the face of science, but they’re the ones who start changing. As each subject succumbs to the horror of the trial, they begin to turn against each other…and discover the nightmare within. What was supposed to be a medical breakthrough is turning regular people into something unimaginable. And there may be a deeper truth even more frightening than the beastly evolution occurring…


What the Reviewers are Saying


” A well-written, intense, and graphic read.”

” If your heart can take it, you’ll love the suspense.”

“Horror fans will enjoy this one for sure!!”


About the Author


Image of Sara Brooke

Sara Brooke


Sara Brooke is a horror and suspense novelist living in South Florida. A lifelong avid reader of all things scary, Sara’s childhood dream was to write horror books that force readers to sleep with their lights on.

Her first novel, Still Lake, was released Spring 2012.

Sara’s influences and favorite authors include Bentley Little, John Saul, William Blackstone, and Joe McKinney.

She is presently working on her next novel.


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