Time After Time

Posted on: September 2nd, 2014 by Marc Nash
Assigned categories: Scifi

By Marc Nash

An assassin is sent from the Yoni Civilisation, back through the web of time to the current day. His mission is to kill the Mother of the Future, his future, in order to alter the course of history. For his civilisation is ruled by women, a world lacking any war or conflict and which has left men feeling emasculated. If he can prevent her daughter and her ideas from being born, to prevent them from ever existing, perhaps male dominance can be re-established, turning herstory back into history.

The assassin has several obstacles to overcome. He has no weapons he can bring with him. Nor has he had any exposure to violence, which is unfortunate since his target lives on a tough housing estate, so that he is going to have to battle through his belligerent male ancestors to get to her. Then he has to get close enough to his target. Seductively close… And that’s when the comedic clash of present and future cultures begins.

“Time After Time”, where “Terminator” and “Looper” meet “Attack The Block”, with a DJ providing the soundscape. Who is the shadowy DJ spinning records that not only seem to soundtrack the action, but to influence it? The novel has a Spotify playlist link to all the songs featured within it.

What the Reviewers Are Saying

“The action plays out like a scifi Groundhog day, with dark humour and the rhythms and rhymes of the streets as a soundtrack.” –Helen Smith

“This story is cause and effect at its best. It is very funny in places for those of us who have a very dark and twisted sense of humour… The narrative and characters are superb and really hook you into the story…” –The Opinionated Geeks

“I’m giving this book a well-deserved five of five stars and I implore you, if you enjoy this genre of sci-fi and time travel, check this out. Buy this book. It will be worth your time.” –Angella Graff

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