Whispers From Beyond

Posted on: January 11th, 2014 by David M.
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Whispers From Beyond

by Mitwa Vishwa


Deep spiritual meditations, do perceive messages from the realm beyond. The only difference is, the celestial messages percolated to the author, in the form of poems.

Day after day, during the three months’ intensive internal journeying, angelic messages flashed to him and answered his day-to-day paradoxes, dilemmas and contradictions. During that phase, his anxieties from his personal life situations from moment to moment got resolved by the succour provided. His queries were various, as were the themes he pondered over.

As poet’s has been an unconventional living, the divine messages he received, also broke the barriers of social acceptability, religiosity and legalities. Themes like ‘Joy of Parting’, ‘Understanding Sensual Pleasures’ and the ‘Relationship unacceptable to Society and laws governing it’ are all included in the divine messages, he received.

The messages received from the realm beyond, can be useful for anyone, who cares for them. With this view, the present anthology of divine poetic messages comes to light.


What the Reviewers are Saying


5.0 out of 5 stars Enchanting Whispers December 17, 2013
By Anand Wardhan
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Reading ‘Whispers From Beyond’ has been a captivating experience for me. I found the same sense of wonder and joy that I derive when I read Rumi, Umar Khayyam, Kabir or any other mystic poet. The book is full of nuggets of wisdom. I could identify deeply with some of the insights while others open new horizons of understanding. Although the poems manifest deep philosophy the language is completely devoid of any irksome jargon. It is simple, straight forward and easy to understand. The only problem with the book is although it drenches the very being yet it does not quench the thirst. May be it is the way it should be. Perhaps perpetual discontentment propels the spiritual journey. Hoping to read more ‘whispers’ in future.